Tosoh Quartz Corporation


Semiconductor Products

The semiconductor manufacturing process requires highly-pure and heat-resistant materials, making it one of the most important application fields for silica glass. The process has become increasingly automated in recent years, which has led to a need for increasingly high-precision products. At the same time, the demand for larger sized quartz glass products has been increasing as a result of advances in PV (solar cell) and LED related fields, which require a semiconductor manufacturing process that can handle 450mm silicon wafers and large scale processing. Our company will continue to utilize our advanced processing technology to meet these conflicting demands for larger size and greater precision.

LCD/OEL Photomask Substrate

Silica glass, with its high transmittance and extremely small coefficient of thermal expansion, is being used for photomasks used during the manufacturing process (i.e. exposure process) for LCD, organic EL, and touch panels. As panel sizes increase, the size of the photomask is becoming larger as well. This field has become a major application field for synthetic silica glass.

Precision Products

Precision products are one of the product lines that we have been engaged in since our company was first established. We have widened our lineup to include spectrophotometer cells, analytical/diagnostic instruments, etc., and are also developing processing technology for these products. In recent years, we have been developing further applications by adding lithography and etching technology to our lineup.